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Fort Wayne, Indiana

Next Meeting:

April 5th 2019 at 5:00 PM Southtown Walmart Parking Lot





We pay loving tribute to brothers that have passed on.


2002 Inductee - Leadership Category

In his 27-year career as a police officer with the Fort Wayne, Indiana department, Gary L Stevens was deeply troubled by the large number of motorcycle fatalities he investigated. He soon channeled his love of riding motorcycles into a commitment to the safety and education of bike riders everywhere. 

Gary became a certified MSF instructor and in 1983, founded the award-winning “Fort Wayne Motorcycle Safety School”, training over 5000 riders in 13 years. He implemented a court referral program to divert riders with violations into the “Experienced Rider Course” (ERC) and as Region D Safety Directors for Gold Wing Road Riders Association, Gary and his wife, Kirsten, pioneered the Rider Education Regional Workshop which was subsequently implemented nationwide.

With firsthand knowledge of the extreme skills needed as a motorcycle officer, Gary opened C.O.P.S (Controlled Operation Performance Skills), a Police One Motorcycle Training school. This 54-hour program is so skill-intensive it challenges even the most experienced riders. Patrol officers who have graduated from his school later credited the course as saving their lives on the job.

Gary was well known for his gracious encouragement and support of his students, his comic sense of humor, and his ability to marshal very diverse groups and resources to implement his courses and support educational causes.

Though Gary dedicated himself to saving the lives of others, he was unable to save his own. He lost his long battle with cancer on September 9, 2001. Gary had continued teaching until the end - often seated in a chair on the training ground - despite pain and illness. He is survived by his wife, Kirsten, and his son, Ricky Lynn - and the thousands of riders who are alive today thanks to his dedication to their education and safety.

"He was truly one of the few good men..." 
Tom Falls, Retired Ft. Wayne Police Dept. Detective



Orville D. Anderson


Blue Knights Indiana II Member 2000-2008

Orville D. Anderson, 59, died Friday, February 29, 2008, at Memorial Hospital in South Bend. Born April 19, 1948, in Mishawaka, he graduated from Mishawaka High School, was a U.S. Army veteran, and was employed at NIPSCO as a maintenance manager. Mr. Anderson was the former police chief in Osceola and former fire chief at Penn North. He was the treasurer of the American Legion Post #308 and the treasurer of the POW-MIA Remembrance Riders, was a member of the Gold Wing Riders Association, Chapter N, served as ride coordinator, and was a member of the Blue Knights and the Patriot Guard.



Donald S. Williams Sr


Blue Knights Indiana II Member 2006-2013

  Don worked for many years in the family business and later became the owner of Williams Plumbing and Heating; 38 years in law enforcement as a Sheriff Deputy Sheriff for both Putnam and Hancock Counties; Chief of Police in Gilboa and Continental; and was an electrician for NW quad ODOT.  He was a member of Trinity Untied Methodist Church, Ottawa.  He was a member for over 65 years of the Free and Accepted Masons of Ottawa and Angola, IN; over 60 year member of the Scottish Rite of Toledo and Shrine of Toledo and Angola, IN; the York Rite of Ft. Wayne where he was past Commander and recipient of the Distinguished Service Award Grand Commandry in Indiana,  Knight of the York Cross of Honor and Knighted Knight Templar.  He was a past DEO Grand Lodge in Ohio; member of Allied Masonic Degrees; IOOF of Ottawa,  Angola, IN and Amos Ft. Wayne where he was a past Grand Patriarch; member of the Lion's Club of Ottawa and Angola, IN; FOP/PPO; MMCI; Blue Knights; and Gold Wing Riders.




Martin L. Horn


Blue Knights Indiana II Member 2007-2017

Marty Horn was an Eagle Scout then spent 20 years in the Army as a Military Policeman. After retiring in 1993, he got into internet technologies. Together with his wife, they worked on the concept of Any Soldier, with their son, Sergeant Brian Horn, when he was in Iraq. Marty built the website ( and maintained it every day for the past 13 years, directly supporting 2,471,050 troops to date.


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